Six Biggest Mistakes of Project Managers

Six Biggest Mistakes of Project Managers 1-Unrealistic deadline: One of the very common mistake of the project managers. Project managers are often very ambitious about early completion of the project and want to take credit of it. This may happen in less complex projects. Projects are inherently complex in nature and takes more time than

What is Contract and Project Contract Management?

Contract: Contract is defined as an agreement between two or more parties on agreeable terms and conditions. Contracts should be written and implementable by law. Every country has their own contracts law. There are also international laws of contracts of projects which cross transnational border or applicable for specific geographical area. Contracts should be valid

How to deal with role conflict in project team building?

Handling Role Conflict in Project Team Building Role conflict is obvious in the initial phase of the project because roles are not clearly defined. Every one want to take the key role/position in the project. It is project manager’s major responsibility to ensures that roles are distributed appropriately following a simple rule “right man for

What is Project Human Resource Management?- Its Processes?

PROJECT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Project Human Resource Management includes the process of organizing, managing, and leading the project team in a way to achieve project specified goals and objectives. Project team is composed of personnel working in different departments. Project team is formed through passing formal stages of team development. Roles and responsibilities are assigned

Reasons of Real Life Projects Failure

Reasons of real life projects failure Projects Failure: There are many definitions of project failure. A project is said to be failed if it cannot satisfy the client requirements. Another definition is a project is said to be failed if it doesn’t meet project scope. According to my opinion there are five broader categories of