What is Project Human Resource Management?- Its Processes?

PROJECT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Project Human Resource Management includes the process of organizing, managing, and leading the project team in a way to achieve project specified goals and objectives. Project team is composed of personnel working in different departments. Project team is formed through passing formal stages of team development. Roles and responsibilities are assigned

What is Project Cost management?-Its Processes

PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT Project Cost Management includes process of planning project cost, estimating cost incurring on each and every activity, budgeting, funding, financing, managing, and controlling project cost so that project can be finished within allocated and approved budget. Cost overrun is one major reason of project failure, premature termination or delaying. Without finance it

Project Time Management

Project Time Management Project Time Management contains processes which are required to ensure the timely completion of the project being undertaken. To manage projects within time is not an easy task specially in the case of mega projects because these projects have multiple dimensions. It is also difficult to manage projects within time which spread


Project Scope Management PMBOK defines project scope management as the processes which are required to check that all the project activities are included, and include only the required activities in order to complete the project timely and successfully. Project scope management manage the scope of the project it also defines the project scope and after

Impacts of Stakeholder Management and Engagement on Project Success

Impacts of Stakeholder Management and Engagement on Project Success Introduction: In 1984, Freeman defined the term stakeholders in his book “Strategic management: A Stakeholder Approach”. “A group or individual who can affect or is affected by the project/achievements of the organization’s objectives”. Many other authors and researchers defined the term stakeholders but freeman’s definition serves