Impacts of Stakeholder Management and Engagement on Project Success

Impacts of Stakeholder Management and Engagement on Project Success Introduction: In 1984, Freeman defined the term stakeholders in his book “Strategic management: A Stakeholder Approach”. “A group or individual who can affect or is affected by the project/achievements of the organization’s objectives”. Many other authors and researchers defined the term stakeholders but freeman’s definition serves

Statistical Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

Statistical estimation is the process of making inferences about a population based on information obtained from a sample. The objective of the estimation is to determine the approximate value of a population parameter on the basis of sample statistic. For example, sample means x are used to estimate population means µ; sample proportions are used

R-square and F value

R-square is the statistical measure of how much close the data are fitted to the regression line. R-squared also known as ‘coefficient of determination’ or coefficient of multiple determination for the multiple regression. R-squared is defined as the percentage (%) of response variable variation which is explained by the linear model. R-squared = (Explained variation) /

Primary and Secondary data

Data: Collection of factual information about something is called data. Data may be collected through different methods and from different sources. Organizations collects data for decision making. For example they collect data about requirement of a product in the market. Based on the data organizational decision makers recommend that how much production is needed. Companies