Project Manager Responsibilities

Project Manager Responsibilities

Project manager has to exercise four management functions which are planning, organizing, leading, controlling. These are also called the P-O-L-C framework. Project manager is the most responsible person of the project and he has to manage each and every thing of the project including decision making.  Life of the project manager is not easy because he has to manage and develop project teams, financial management, project planning, monitoring and control of cost and schedule, monitoring of project team performance, writing reports, attending meetings and managing stakeholders etc. experienced project manager perform these management functions very elegantly.

Project Manager Responsibilities: Project manager has to exercise four management functions which are planning, organizing, leading, controlling. These are also called the P-O-L-C framework.
Project Manager Responsibilities

Here is the detail of project manager responsibilities:


Planning is one of the most important aspect of project manager responsibilities. Planning include but not limited to; activity duration calculation and planning, scheduling and sequencing, human resource planning, cost management planning, risk management planning, stakeholder management and engagement strategies development and planning, procurement management planning, quality management planning, scope management planning, and planning of integration of project activities. Project planning should be completed prior to starting of work on project. Planning is one of the difficult task and take time. MS Project and Primavera and many other soft wares are available to assist project manager for effective project planning. ‘IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. Number of real life projects fails due to poor planning.


Organizing is related to the formulation of project team’s structure. Defining their roles and responsibilities. Organizing is another important responsibility of project manager. Usually project team members belong to different departments of the organization, and organizations are normally functional, matrix or projectized. Projectized organizations have already structure of teams and they work together on different projects over the year. Organization of team is usually need for functional and matrix organizations. Project manager form team structure according to the organizational structure.


Project manager should act a leader in the projects. Because he has to work with people. Leading aspect of the project manager responsibilities is to direct and instruct people as and when needed. Encourage team members to develop motivation and resolve conflict if happen. Coordinate with team members to assign work and communicate properly goals and objectives. Leadership trait of project manager


Controlling mean keep everything on track like avoid cost overrun, schedule overrun, monitor performance of team members to achieve project goals and objectives. Generate reports based on the facts and compare the report with project baseline, if there exist any deviation from plan, take corrective action immediately.  Review reports and evaluate the cause of deviation and state lessons learned for future projects.

There are many other project manager responsibilities like updating documents, managing contracts, budget calculation, issues handling, ensuring client’s satisfaction, communication with stakeholders, evaluating risk impact and probability etc. Project manager responsibilities increase manifold in large and complex projects. DOWNLOAD this article.