How to deal with role conflict in project team building?

Handling Role Conflict in Project Team Building

Role conflict are obvious in the initial phase of the project because roles are not clearly defined.
Role conflict

Role conflict is obvious in the initial phase of the project because roles are not clearly defined. Every one want to take the key role/position in the project. It is project manager’s major responsibility to ensures that roles are distributed appropriately following a simple rule “right man for right job”. Project manager should apply a win-win strategy that all of the team members are satisfied with their role and all the team members are enthusiastic to work as a team in cooperate manner to achieve a common goal. Concerns should be addressed prior to starting of project activities. This win-win technique is known as problem solving/confrontation. In this technique following steps are followed to eliminate the role conflict:

Disagreements are addressed directly.

Conflicts are considered as problem. Problem is defined/analyzed, information is collected, discussions about alternatives and select the appropriate alternatives so that both the conflicted parties are satisfied. This technique usually results in consensus. Without consensus there will be lack of coordination and cooperation among team members which is devastating for team work.

Conflicts would be resolved if both parties are agreeing to resolve and ready to work together.  If one or both parties are not agreeing on conflict resolution, then conflict will persist.

Project is the key post he asses’ abilities, skills, expertise and interpersonal skills of team members prior to assigning any roles and responsibilities. This issue could be addressed by selecting different skills personnel from different departments. A person may have excellent skills and knowledge about task but he may have poor leading skills so he cannot lead the team. Other person may have good team leader skills but do not have enough knowledge about each and every activity of the project. Gist of the discussion is that role clarity will achieve overall team goal.