Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Work breakdown Structure (WBS)

Work breakdown structure (WBS) breaks whole project into more manageable chunks of work (tasks). In large multi-dimensional project, WBS plays a significant role in order to successful and timely completion of project. Resource allocation, activity management and monitoring and controlling of smaller activities is easy job as compare to manage the whole work. For example, manage the construction of whole house is difficult as compare to manage civil work, electrical work, sanitary work, finishing and furnishing work separately.

Work breakdown structure (WBS) breaks whole project into more manageable chunks of work (tasks).
Work Breakdown Structure

Project managers uses WBS frequently especially in large and complex projects in order to gain following benefits:

1-Smaller tasks are easy to plan, schedule and track progress.

2-WBS provides better organization of project through WBS dictionary.

3-WBS allows better resource allocation to the tasks.

4-WBS offers better cost estimation of individual deliverables which leads to calculate the overall cost of the project. Precise and correct estimate is only possible through WBS.

5-WBS provides effective management and control over tasks.

6-WBS forces project manager to think through each and every aspect of a project.

7-As the project progresses, certain parts of the work breakdown structure could examined to identify project cost performance, if variance exist then identify issues in the project organization.

8-Work breakdown structures can also be used to recognize potential risks in the project. If a work breakdown structure has a section that is not properly defined this type of risk is called scope definition risk.

9-By integrating the WBS with an organizational breakdown structure (OBS), the project manager can also classify communication points and develop a communication plan over the project organization.

10-By integrating the financial management system with organizational breakdown structure (OBS) and the project’s WBS, the whole organization can track the financial progress of the project in addition to project performance.